how is the big family of Omar Sy, the protagonist of the film “1 + 1”

When the movie «1 + 1» appeared on the screens, the actor who played the black assistant became incredibly popular.

After this legendary role, an artist named Omar began to be invited to shoot films, commercials and even offered to work as a model. Many fans of the movie know absolutely nothing about the real life of him.

Still very young, he met his future wife. It is worth noting that his parents were negative and did not want this marriage to take place. But the guy insisted on his own, and soon the couple began to live together.

Interestingly, they did not get married right away, and by the time of the wedding they already had three beautiful children. And now they are parents of 7 children! In his profile, the actor loves to share photos of his family.

So, he and his wife are active Instagram users, they are followed by thousands of fans. They just have a wonderful, brilliant family!

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