“She asked me to be her maid of honor.”

The wedding day is one of the most beautiful, we have to admit it. Sealing your love with a promise is an indescribable emotion, and the beauty of these moments can only grow if there are special people by your side. Family members or friends who know how to show their affection and make it feel fully with small and large gestures.

The woman we want to tell you about knows something about it, as she had a fabulous day thanks to her centenary grandmother. We tell you the story in detail.

Vita Cresswell, of Seaton, Cumbria, England, and her boyfriend Gary Whineray had been together for eight years when they decided to wed. When she told her grandmother, Martha Wallbank, the old lady was thrilled and asked her granddaughter if she could be her bridesmaid. Without thinking too much, Vita agreed, but there was one thing she and her boyfriend couldn’t decide.

We were wondering how people choose their wedding date,” she says. So we thought about it for a long time and, considering that we didn’t want a party exclusively ours but a shared one, we decided that we would swear eternal love for my grandmother’s birthday. Then she enthusiastically told me that she wanted to be my bridesmaid, what better choice? It was really nice.”

Vita also opened up about her wonderful relationship with Grandma Martha and how close she was to her family when she was younger. The afternoons, walks and fun times spent together with the old woman helped to strengthen their bond and the bride could not have been happier to share her special day with her.

Wrapped in a beige coat and with a beautiful blue hat with a net framing her face, the old lady made a great impression next to her granddaughter and cheered everyone up with her joviality, her kindness and also with the songs chosen for the ‘all day. It was also her birthday, a special moment because she had reached 100 years of age and it was necessary to celebrate it. For this reason, as soon as the exchange of vows in church was over, the priest announced what would happen after her and all the guests sang the song to wish her a happy birthday.

Touching, special and unique moments that we are sure Vita and Gary will never forget. Not to mention that Grandma Martha has also set a new record: she became the oldest bridesmaid in the United Kingdom. A very, very special day for everyone.

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