A dog born with a short spine and no neck finds a family that loves him just the way he is

All dogs are beautiful in their own way and deserve a good and loving home, even those that seem a little offbeat.

Like a very unique dog born without a neck and half a spine, who struggled through his differences but eventually found the perfect home.

Cooper, an American foxhound, has a genetic condition called “short spine syndrome” in which his vertebrae are fused together and compressed. According to the Daily Mail, he is one of only 30 dogs in the world with the condition.

«[La sua spina dorsale] it is fused in two points: on the neck and on the butt», explained the owner Elly Keegan, according to the Daily Mail «It seems that it has no neck and to look behind itself it has to turn its whole body. »

The unique looking dog had a rough start in life. He probably came from a puppy mill in Halifax, Virginia and was abandoned due to his birth defect. It is also likely that his disability was the result of inbreeding at the puppy mill.

Rescuers found him in 2017 and he was taken to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out in the first house he was placed in, as he liked to chase their cats.

But Cooper soon found his perfect home with Elly Keegan and her family. While many people would pass for such a unique-looking dog — or worse yet, he could have been euthanized for his disability — Elly has a warm heart for dogs with disabilities and is committed to giving Cooper all of her love and respect. help he needs.

Elly says she knew Cooper would need medical attention, but she had the support of Secondhand Hounds. Early on, the dog had a few medical setbacks, including a fall that fractured his neck in five places and a bone infection.

But in other ways Cooper’s condition has seen improvement. Elly says his birth defect left him, so he essentially had his “butt on his back,” but surgery made it easier for him to go to the bathroom on his own.

Elly says that despite everything, Cooper is the “happiest dog” and people are always happy to see him too.

“Everywhere he goes he gets attention but he really enjoys it. He has a lot of fans on Facebook,” Elly told the Daily Mail. “He IS such a friendly dog.”

All dogs deserve love and care, even those that look a little different or have special needs. We are so happy that Cooper now has a perfect home to love him the way he is.

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