One of the twins saved his sister’s life while she was still in the womb

The twin, still in the womb, launches a distress call that ends up saving the life of the twin sister…

Leah McBride’s pregnancy was going great until one of her scheduled doctor visits told her that the heart rate of Poppy McBride, one of the twins, was starting to slow down. At the time, the twins were 31 weeks and five days old. The doctors decided to urgently take delivery, because such a slow heartbeat is very dangerous for the baby.

The doctors never showed concern for Winnie, but when the girls were born they learned that her lungs were underdeveloped. Based on this information, they concluded that Poppy had sent out a distress signal, despite her having no heart problems.

The mother, Leah McBride, says doctors told her Poppy saved her sister’s life and that Winnie would not have survived if they had waited any longer for the twins to be born.

“I believe your twin saved her sister’s life,” the doctors told us, “said the twins’ mother, who lives in Lake Jackson, Texas, “Poppy’s pulse was at the limit, so they had to give birth to her, but after the birth she was perfectly fine.”

Poppy continues to care for Winnie as she did when the girls were still in the womb and as a result, both children are now in good health.

Poppy and Winnie, intelligent and eccentric, are best friends and are very close to each other. “Recently, I tried to move their mattresses away from each other, but they wouldn’t want to,” Leah commented of their proximity.

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