Fashion trends of the 2000s that today cause a smile or bewilderment even among those who followed them

Fashion can be shocking sometimes, especially after a few years. Today’s fashionistas do not understand how it was possible to wear this or that thing in the early 2000s or put on makeup. Some readers will probably recognize each other, but some may still have a couple of wardrobe items from the past, or at least some photographs.

Sheer blouses were worn over T-shirts.

Fashionistas wore tunics with jeans, leggings or even trousers. Some may wear nothing but a tunic.

Short leggings were worn by girls under dresses, skirts, and some even under T-shirts.

It was popular to tuck jeans into high boots.

Maybe your wardrobe also had jeans without pockets.

Wide belts and underbust belts were also a hit.

A similar story with clothes.

That famous tan.

Surely you remember this trend with eyebrows.

This bang was worn by just about everyone: not just those she went to. Or maybe someone remembers the same about Natalia Oreiro?

Even the make-up had its peculiarities: the lipstick was lighter than the color of the skin.

The curls were a success – they were made with curlers, ironing or simply braided pigtails for the night.

For the lip make-up of the time, a pencil was used, certainly darker than the lipstick.

An obligatory attribute of a fashionista’s cosmetic bag of that time is blush. They were used to the max.

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