Even though this little one is very intelligent, Steve Harvey laughs at his humorous nature.

There are incredibly intelligent and gifted children in the world, who have broad vision and a sense of self from childhood. But these children are likely to be considered adults rather than children, as there are many grown people who do not possess half their intelligence.

While hosting Little Big Shots, Steve Harley has the opportunity to interact with many talented children with incredibly bright characters and intelligent minds. He noticed this kid as he was finishing the show. Tommy Johnson who was only 4 years old had the tremendous ability to entertain many people with his bright personality and great natural sense of humor.

The child star had everyone laughing when she appeared on Steve’s show. When Stave asked him what kind of relationship she had with her people. The boy especially noticed his older brothers, who did not want to share their wives with him. His distinct and timely responses had the audience laughing out loud. The peculiarity of her won the hearts of all the audience.

The little one is also very intelligent and clearly identifies the images of the 45 American presidents. Plus, he’s very smart and knows each of them personally. Johnson has many qualities and Steve can identify him as a late-night show host when he grows up.

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