it had remained in the cellar since 1961

There are many traditions surrounding weddings. Every place, every country, every family has its own, and for those who choose to follow it it is always very moving. One of these, well known and shared, is the custom of the bride to bring with her, in this special moment, something “ancient”, given by someone very dear to her. This something can be anything, and whether it is more or less valuable is unimportant, what is fundamental is what it represents.

Allie Livingwater is a 23-year-old woman from Massachusetts, in the United States, who made herself known on the web for sharing one of the most beautiful and important moments of her life. The young woman fulfilled her dream of love and married her 27-year-old boyfriend Timothy. But it was her dress worn by the girl that moved the Internet users.

Every future bride dreams of the dress she will wear on one of the happiest days of her life. She herself has done it many times, but she didn’t expect hers to be so special. Allie was lucky enough to wear the dress her grandmother wore 60 years ago to marry her grandfather.

As she said, one day she had gone to the cellar with her grandmother, Anne Cooke, 88, and there she had noticed a bag of garbage. Asking for information, the old lady told her that it contained her “old” dress, now forgotten and dusty. Left there for so long, it looked like it was never going to be worn again, but luckily it wasn’t.

Anne’s niece dug it up and swore it would be her wedding dress. A few years later, her promise came true and it was touching for both of them to experience this moment together. This is demonstrated by the photos that the bride has posted on her Facebook profile, where she appears next to her beloved grandmother.

Allie and Anne have always had a deep affection for each other, which seems to have culminated in their choice of bride. A touching and moving episode that left a mark in their hearts and, we are sure, also in those present.

We hope that the smiles of that day and their happiness will accompany them for a long time and that their bond will continue to be as beautiful and sincere as it has always been. We can only thank the grandmother and granddaughter for sharing it and moving us.

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