The quintuples are 13 years old, what they have become and how they live

Everyone knows that raising children is a big job and a big responsibility, but when it comes to five people born on the same day, surprise and admiration are many.

This story is about that family. The parents of the children were classmates and dreamed of having children ever since they went to school. They dreamed of getting married and being surrounded by many children.

Fortunately, this happened. After finishing their studies, they got married and immediately wanted to have a child. The girl was not able to get pregnant right away, but one day research showed that she would have had five children at once.

It was very surprising. And since there were no such cases, they had to leave the country.

Eventually they had five daughters, after which the couple became very famous. Naturally, parents with many children had a hard time living. But they didn’t give up and they succeeded together.

Now their children are thirteen and they have become very good sisters. We can only wish them love and happiness.

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