The girl with “unruly hair” syndrome is already 12 years old. How is her fate and how she looks now

Shayla was born on April 22, 2010 in Australia. A completely normal child, she was no different from the rest of the newborns. A few days after her birth, the baby and her mother were sent home, where for the first four months of her life, none of the family noticed anything unusual.

But Shaila grew up and fluffy soft hair began to appear on her head. Every day there were more and more of them, and it became more and more difficult to comb them.

The girl was mocked in kindergarten, and the teachers spoke to her mother several times, advising her to devote more time to the appearance of the child.

At the age of four, Shaila’s mother decided to show the girl to the doctors, as she could no longer cope with her hair.

As the examination showed, the girl had a rare genetic trait – the “unruly (or uncombable) hair” syndrome. The thing is, usually her hair is round or oval in cross section, and Shaila’s hair looked more like a triangle.

Shayla has been shy about her hair for a long time, but around the age of 7, she realized that unruly hair made her unique. There are only about a hundred officially registered people with a similar feature in the world, and one of them is Shaila.

The girl began to actively lead social networks, and soon they wrote about her in a magazine. Over the years, the child’s popularity has grown, as has the number of subscribers to her pages.

Now Shaila Madison is already 12 years old. She is often invited to various talk shows on television, writes about her in magazines and various advertising agencies offer her contracts.

The girl is still in school, but plans to become a professional model after graduation.

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