Hummingbird nests are as small as a thimble, so be careful not to cut into them.

Some species of hummingbirds are critically endangered, they’re downright tiny, the fragile birds are only inches long, and their eggs are smaller than a gumdrop. Below are some photos of hummingbird nests that may be of interest to you.Hummingbird Nests

“Hummingbird eggs are tiny, the size of jelly beans! Before pruning trees and shrubs, remember to carefully check for nests.

Hummingbird nests

34 hummingbird species (10%) are listed as ‘critically endangered’, meaning they have a 50% chance of becoming extinct in the next ten years.

Keeping an eye on their little nests while pruning is therefore essential for their survival.

Hummingbird Nests

According to The Hummingbird Project, nests are usually built on a downward sloping branch and often found on a branch overhanging flowing water or open space.

They build their nests with cobwebs, lichens, and plant material, so they’re extremely delicate. Lichens also do a good job of camouflaging their nests.

Hummingbird nests

Hummingbirds, on average, flap their wings at a rate of 50 to 80 beats per second, making them literally blurry to the human eye; If you’ve ever seen a hummingbird’s wings flap, it’s usually because the video was slowed down or because the hummingbird is landing.Hummingbird Nests

Their metabolism is as fast as their wings, and their weight can change dramatically throughout the day as they eat and burn energy; for this reason, they consume half to 8 times their weight in sugars per day, and the average hummingbird feeds 5 to 8 times per hour, meaning a large part of their waking day is devoted to feeding!

Hummingbird nests

Their heart can beat over 1200 times a minute! When you compare this to the average human, whose heart beats about 80 times a minute, that means that for every time our heart beats once, the hummingbird’s heart beats 20 times, which is crazy!Hummingbird Nests

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