At 78, Françoise Hardy can barely speak and is fighting for her last wish.

The famous singer Françoise Hardy is already seventy-eight years old. The poor woman has cancer and has lost the ability to speak. She was in great pain and feared that her death would cause her further physical pain.

She is a woman who suffers but continues to enjoy life and has asked the French authorities to grant her the right to assisted suicide. She fears not so much death as pain.

Above all, she fears being “forced apart from the two people closest to her.” Unfortunately, the treatment she underwent had side effects that caused her to lose hearing in her ear and bleed profusely from her nose.

Because of all this, he began to gasp so much that he wanted to commit suicide. His first wish was euthanasia. His second wish was to die in France, his native country.

However, if he finally decides to commit suicide, he will not be able to do it in France.

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