5 photos and a story that prove dogs love us, regardless of their status or money

Love for a pet cannot leave us indifferent. There are so many stories that prove that these creatures are beautiful and that they simply need our attention and love. Let’s discover together one of the true stories that tells us about the love and loyalty they have towards us humans.

In 1925, in the United States and more precisely in Alaska, an epidemic spread in the city of Nome.

The population fell ill one after another. To stop the disease, a man took a sled with Siberian dogs into the central city to collect a vaccine.

So Balto, the lead dog of the sled, and the men who accompanied him set off, in bitter cold and a storm reaching -50° Celsius.

On the way back, the man driving the sled was severely frozen and could not control it. Balto and the rest of the pack persevered until they reached home despite the weather.

In this way they saved their master’s life and made sure that the vaccine arrived in the city of Nome and saved the lives of thousands of people.

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