what are the girls like almost 2 years after the separation

Lilia Bachinskaya learned that she would become a mother again in the spring of 2019. Three children were already growing up in the family, so Lilia and her husband Anatoly dreamed of a girl.

The couple went for an ultrasound early, but the study showed Lily was expecting conjoined twins. The babies were connected to each other by their heads, so doctors suggested they couldn’t be separated.

Despite the doctors’ advice, Lilia decided to give birth. She understood the complexity of the situation, but something inside her told her that everything was going to be okay.

Twins Abigail and Mikaela (or, as their parents affectionately call them, Abi and Mika) were born on December 30, 2019. As expected, the sisters were joined by their heads. But studies have shown that there are not so many common parts of the brain in girls, which gave a real chance for their successful separation.

Preparations for the upcoming separation procedure began almost immediately after the birth of the children. It took the specialists about 9 months to calculate all their actions in advance and prepare the clinic.

In October 2020 everything was ready.

The separation of the girls was carried out by a whole team of thirty specialists from a children’s clinic in California. The procedure lasted 24 hours. Everything ended well and both girls were completely healthy.

The doctors literally gave the babies a new life.

About six months after the operation, Lilia spent with the children in the clinic, while little Ebi and Mika got used to the new way of life.

Now, almost two years after parting, the Bachinsky twin sisters are practically no different from their peers. They are a little behind in development, but they reduce this difference very quickly.

Ahead of the girls are waiting for a few more, but already cosmetic procedures. The doctors are sure that in a few years Mika and Ebi will no longer believe they were Siamese twins.

By the way, at the end of last year, Abigail and Michaela had a younger brother – Lily became a mother again. An absolutely healthy child was named Adam.

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