Find out how a Japanese grandmother’s dogs gained 560,000 fans!

Tamanegi, a Japanese grandmother, documented the precious bond between her grandchildren and their poodles. She has amassed 560,000 followers on Instagram, the popular Internet social network.

Her story has spread to other social networks, and when you see the photos, you’ll understand why it’s no wonder she’s amassed such a huge community. Every photo that grandma posts on social media is incredibly cute and can easily put someone in a good mood when she needs it.

His photos are all kinds, watching TV, napping, dressing up, playing, who wouldn’t want to follow this page and have a news feed full of these adorable poodles hanging out with the kids? The last time he wrote about this group of lovebirds, little Mugi hadn’t been born yet.

There were only Mame and the dogs. Even though the little family has grown, none of them complain about the conditions and the bond is growing stronger. “Dogs remain strongly attached to me,” she told Bored Panda in an interview.

“Mugi sometimes likes to play with the same toys as dogs and have fun together. He’s like he’s the little brother of these poodles.

This little group doesn’t fail to have a good time, even if it means dressing up. That’s what they did for Halloween. Everyone wore the same Little Red Riding Hood costume, but in the shape of a pumpkin. By the way, they’re almost the same size, so Mame could easily blend in.

We let you discover some of the photos he has published on his page.

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