Do you know what a wasp nest looks like from the inside? Real skyscraper

Probably, every person has at least once seen a hornet’s nest, which looks like a dense ball. They are usually found on tree branches, in attics, sheds, under roofs, sometimes even underground, or in the walls of houses.

Outwardly they are unattractive, but in reality there is a completely different world inside …

In search of food for their larvae, wasps often build their nests in the walls of residential buildings. It is for them that these insects build a whole kingdom, and there is even a separate room for the wasp’s uterus.

As a rule, the main building material is paper. To obtain it, wasps chew pieces of tree bark and plant fibers, thus processing them with an enzyme contained in their saliva. Pieces of cellulose are glued together by insects and honeycombs are made from them. They have a smooth and thick texture.

The wasps then wrap around the honeycomb and form several outer layers. They, unlike the internal ones, have a loose structure. These layers provide the necessary temperature conditions and protect against adverse weather conditions.

No matter how hard the wasps work in their home, no matter how much work they put in, they only need it for one season. When starting a new one, they work on something else.

Not all nests are the same, insects living in mid-latitudes usually build small hives. Their size ranges from that of a tennis ball to that of a basketball.

But hornets can build houses reaching a diameter of 1 meter.

Incredibly, sometimes several hundred thousand insects can live in even the smallest nest.

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