A mother gives birth to three black children and the father breaks down in tears after watching them closely

Prejudice is always a problem in today’s world. As much as we wish it weren’t, the current state of our country seems to be getting worse rather than better.

Rachel and Aaron Halbert have experienced this firsthand. The reason is rather unique: they had to put up with it because of their children’s skin color.

Rachel and Aaron met on a blind date in 2004. Aaron was born and raised in Honduras until he was ten years old. He became a missionary and spent most of his years preaching the Word of God on various journeys.

Rachel, on the other hand, was born in Mississippi. When she met Aaron, she knew right away that he was the one for her. Not only did they like each other, but they knew they could make a difference in the world.

They met intimately during their missionary work. Soon after, their relationship turns romantic. They had the same dream and when they got married they both wanted to start a family right away. The couple wanted a large and happy family.

The Halberts knew how much the children needed help. But they wanted to give them something more. Rachel and Aaron wanted to share their compassion and love.

When the two children were officially adopted, they were named Ford and Catherine. Naturally, some of them raised their eyebrows.

Even if they didn’t directly confront their spouses every time they left the house with their adopted children, their actions and facial expressions were enough. Luckily, Rachel and Aaron weren’t the type to be intimidated.

The skin color of the children meant nothing to them. They needed homes, and the color of their skin wouldn’t stop Halbarts from giving them homes.

The Halbarts were thrilled with the idea of ​​getting pregnant with embryos. They quickly decided it was the perfect way to expand their family.

Before the couple, and Rachel in particular, decided to implant the embryos, she had to deal with the looks of the townspeople who ridiculed her for adopting two children of different races.

While she sometimes couldn’t understand why some people behaved this way, she simply chose to remain silent and continued to do what she felt was right.

As Rachel neared her due date, the doctors decided to perform an early C-section to deliver the babies safely.

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