The kitten that fed the baby

The little cat is considered a hero when he saves a child.

The baby feels very well. Thanks to this amazing heroine. The mother left her baby, it was winter and he had little chance of not dying in this cold. And thanks to the cat Mia. The baby didn’t get sick.

Mia lives on the street. One day this cat was wandering around the street and heard a noise coming from a nearby box. Mia walked over to the box to see what the noise was.

He found a very young baby in a box that his mother had left on the street in the winter. Mia did something amazing. The kitten jumped into the box, lay down next to the little one to warm up and started meowing loudly.

A man noticed this baby and Mia together. Mia had fed the baby.

One woman said that this cat is always calm, friendly and kind and does not meow for no reason. But at that moment she was meowing and the lady thought the cat might have hurt himself.

The lady was shocked when she saw the cat in the box with the baby. Perhaps the cat wanted to protect the child. The boy had a hat and some food.

The boy was taken to the hospital, where he was thoroughly examined and found no health problems. The doctors examined him and said Mia had saved the baby’s life.

So far the parents of the child have not been found. And Mia is still an alley cat, but as a true heroine. And passers-by give her treats every day.

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