A kitty with two faces, one green and one blue eye, was born to become a celebrity

The internet is abuzz over an adorable two-faced kitty. His colorful eyes enchant everyone and his photos are going viral on the net.

Social media platforms have the ability to draw attention to a lot of people, showcasing their talent and gaining devoted followers.

But many animals have also invaded social networks and the hearts of their fans, as in the case of our protagonist kitten, to increase their visibility on the web.

With nearly 200 images on her Instagram account under the name of gataquimera, this curious kitty has amassed over 2 million followers thanks to her beauty and kindness. Many of her follow her on Facebook as “Chimera, the two-faced cat”.

A genetic aberration known as chimerism affects cats.

It occurs when two fertilized zygotes combine to create a single individual after fertilization, meaning the same cat has two sets of genetic material, resulting in a single kitten with distinct traits.

The phenotypic traits of one or both genetic codes may not always be visible in a cat’s body, which may have two distinct genetic codes.

There are significant examples where, despite being identical, there is no perceptible difference in their appearance and they live their entire lives unaware that they are chimera cats.

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