look how the cats have taken care of him

What’s not beautiful in the world! It is also said that cats and dogs are sworn enemies. No matter how! Sometimes they perform miracles of friendship and mutual aid. That’s what we’re talking about today.

Look at this child’s photo. In total, 8 such dogs were born. Unfortunately, not even half survived: it is said that the mother was crazy! She ate half of her own babies. Thank God we were able to save at least this beautiful baby.

The dog is called Nicolas. The paw was bitten and this, given his very young age and lack of adequate care, almost caused his premature death. However, the dog was lucky, he fell into good hands and was rescued!

The woman who looked after the dog gave him milk every two hours and bandaged his paw. At the same time, the cats were already living with the volunteer.

At first she was afraid that little Nicholas would not be accepted, but she was surprised to see that the cats really care about the boy!

Look how they sleep together! The cats constantly followed Nicolas, stood next to him, supported him. It’s so captivating!

Unfortunately it was not possible to save the leg of the child, who will remain disabled for life. However, the most important thing is that he survived.

He also made some real friends who literally kept him alive. A great example of animal friendship! They do not leave their own.

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