As soon as the blind cat sensed his master, he ran to him and gave him a wonderful hug.

Pinky, a blind cat, was found by a local resident and taken to a shelter. In any case, he didn’t seem to be bothered by his poor eyesight. He was left alone. Pinky was soon taken in by a volunteer named Hannah, who cared for her until she was ready to adopt her.

Pinkie was visually impaired, but Hana said she was just like other cats. She was very lively and happy.

He took the opportunity to run home. Pinky’s story was shared on Facebook in an effort to find her a perfect forever home to be loved and accommodated.

Luckily, Pinky’s letter reached a beautiful couple who immediately fell in love with her and decided to adopt her even though they had never met her.

Pinky now resides in the dedicated home she deserves. Pinkie took her hand when she “saw” her new mistress, making their relationship interesting.

He moved slowly for a moment before sliding onto his father’s shoulder. Cute Pinkie currently lives with cats from two different human families. What a beautiful story, yes.

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