The rescue dog managed to save the kitten from drowning

The most sincere and lasting friendship is not between people, but between animals. They never ask for anything in return.

Soft toys share their good mood, love and support only with each other. In today’s article you will discover the story of a very interesting friendship between the dog Jackson and the kitten Tom.

This dog-cat friendship deserves your attention and time

This couple met by chance. Tom has been homeless for a long time. His mother left him almost immediately. How he managed to survive is still a mystery. The boy immediately understood that he had to solve his problems on his own. So he learned to walk the streets in search of food.

Once, Jackson saw a kitten. He came over and sniffed it. It seemed that they had known each other for many years. A wave of devotion and kindness immediately passed between them. At that moment, Jackson decided to take Tom with him.

He took her straight to his home. The dog knew that the master would help the furry little one. Fortunately, that’s what happened. When the woman saw him, she immediately decided to give Tom her love and support.

He didn’t expect Jackson to take such a small friend under his wing. Now they are still friends. Tom is very grateful to the savior of him.

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