Husky on a vegetarian diet leaves his owner embarrassed when he chooses meat over the vegetable bowl during a talk show

Lucy Carrington felt embarrassed on ITV’s This Morning after her dog, who she had placed on a vegetarian diet, chose to eat meat instead of vegetables in front of the live audience.

Carrington owns a white Husky named Storm and said he put her on a vegetarian diet after the dog stopped eating properly during the summer heat wave.

Carrington, who is neither vegan nor vegetarian, said that after Storm started to stop eating, she bought some vegetarian puppy food and started feeding her the family’s leftover veggies.

However, according to the Daily Mail, the claim didn’t hold up to scrutiny on the morning talk show: The Husky picked the bowl of meat easily when given the choice by host Eamonn Holmes.

While the general consensus was that dog meat shouldn’t be denied, Holmes offered a compromise: She said the show would give Storm the ability to decide for herself what to eat.

Two assistants then brought in a bowl full of meat and another full of vegetables, and Carrington was instructed to let her dog loose so she and the audience could see what Storm’s choice would be.

Predictably, Storm chose the meat bowl decisively.

Carrington, visibly shocked, stammered and said, “Oh man… I didn’t swear,” before adding, “In all honesty, the weather has cooled dramatically.”
He also tried to explain his position further and reiterated: “During the summer months he stopped eating, strangely.

I’m certainly not one of those. I’m not a vegetarian, I’m not a vegan, far from it, even though I’ve reduced my meat intake.

He also revealed that he never thought about forcing this thing on the husky.

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