A couple of little people have created a strong family, raise two children and live a full life, despite all the hardships of fate

Charlie and Cullen Worgan, who live in Australia, don’t consider themselves special at all, they have a fairly normal life: they play sports, go for walks, travel and run their own business.

The couple already have two daughters.

But whatever one may say, this family is not ordinary. The fact is that the spouses are dwarfs. The height of the mother of the family, 27-year-old Charlie, is 127 cm, her husband, 38-year-old Cullen, is 137 cm.

The man has hereditary dwarfism and the girl has a rare disease that can lead to serious health problems. The heredity in both, it seems, is not the most favorable. Doctors warned them about this. But that didn’t stop them from having a child.

But unfortunately the disappointing predictions of the doctors have come true. Their eldest daughter Tilba suffers from the same maternal disease as hers. This is “achondroplasia” — the underdevelopment of long bones. But these are not all the tests that life has prepared for them, even her youngest daughter has inherited her father’s dwarfism.

Despite the illnesses, the family is absolutely happy: they lead a full life, enjoy every day and do not pay attention to the accusations that, unfortunately, ring out against them from time to time.

Four years ago, the couple decided to open an Instagram page to share information about their lives. Now they have thousands of subscribers around the world who are sincerely happy for them and support them.

The couple is sure: to live fully, there are no barriers. You can have fun every day, play sports, have fun, no matter what. They have no problems with work, both found themselves in the professional field. Cullen has his own business and Charlie works for a large telecommunications company.

“We are the same people as everyone else. We eat the same products, we rest in the same establishments, we travel the same routes as everyone else”, say the husband and wife.

So far, neither Charlie (27) nor Cullen (38) have experienced any serious health problems as a result of their diagnosis. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise keep you fit. The couple hope their experience will help other dwarves believe in themselves and that a medical diagnosis isn’t a death sentence.

The most important thing is that they are happy and that love reigns in their hearts.

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