A cat was trapped in a 15m high tree for four days and residents scrambled to save it

ActuChartres reported on Tuesday 7 June that a cat that had been stuck in a tree for several days was rescued by residents.

It all started on Wednesday 1 June, when the unfortunate cat had the bad idea of ​​climbing a tree in Fabière (28). Her 89-year-old owner feared being home late.

Then she noticed that a cat named Lilou was stuck in a tree and couldn’t get down.

After unsuccessfully summoning a four-legged friend, the octet helps the townspeople. The inhabitants of the city immediately mobilized to return the animals to safety and good health.

The firefighters were contacted, but city councilor Florent Poignard said they would not come “for this type of intervention”.

A 30-foot ladder was brought to the site, but not high enough to reach a cat at 15 feet.

Later, Florent Poignard asked Facebook for help. His message was widely shared. In Brittany, a woman whose father lives in Fabier even asked Fabier to help her with “the necessary equipment”.

The man in question intervened on Sunday June 5, but when he got to Lilou he was startled and stopped at the end of the branch. But the Eurelians did not want to give up.

They spread a tarp at the foot of the tree and shook the branches. In this way, the cat was successfully captured and returned unharmed to its owner.

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