A lame cow and a giant tortoise have formed a unique friendship – they are so adorable

These two animals have formed a friendship, just like the special one of Simon and Leonardo.

They simply amazed everyone with their super sweet relationship.

A friendly calf and a giant tortoise have made an unlikely duo, breaking free from their difficult and complicated lives of the past.

They found themselves sharing their happy days in peace and harmony.

Simon fell ill when he was very young and had to lose his leg as a result.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand rescued and cared for him, equipping him with a prosthetic leg.

Later, he was allowed to stay in an animal shelter, living in a large enclosure.

Even though Simon had been through a painful time and lost his leg, he didn’t expect to find a close friend so soon.

After some time, Leonardo, an excited African tortoise, moved into the sanctuary.

It turned out that the zoo he lived in no longer exists.

So, one fine day, these two met and found that life together is happier and more comfortable.

Soon the crew too discover their unusual but beautiful friendship.

It’s just amazing!

As the WFFT noted, the unique relationship between the two different spices blossomed day by day.

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