Wild tiger has come for help to take off the noose around his neck

Wild tiger has come for help to take off the noose around his neck

This is the amazing moment a boy found a wild tiger lying behind his house that needed his help, writes pintiks

It started in a remote village when a paramedic heard noises outside, believed it was simply the wind but chose to go and see anyway.

As he strolled outside, he couldn’t believe his eyes, but there was a huge tiger lying outside his door.

He was paralyzed with fear as the tiger slowly rose and began to make its way towards the man.

It may have ended in a bite, but the tiger did something unexpected, approached the man and bowed his head. This is when the man saw that the tiger actually had a steel noose around its neck which was causing a wound.

The wound was badly inflamed and festering, the paramedic then realized he had to do something, and so he started walking towards his stable.

The animal followed as if they were friends, when they entered, the paramedic removed the noose and began cleaning the wound. Although he was in pain, the tiger let it all happen and did nothing but refuse the food that was brought to him.

When the inflammation subsided and the smell disappeared, the tiger disappeared.

Thanks to the kind man, the tiger’s life was saved. Days later, he went outside and found the carcass of a deer, it was a thank you from the tiger for saving his life!

Source: pintiks.com

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