The boy rescued five small animals from the mud and did not immediately understand who it was

Early in the morning Shuracet Klaevkala, who lives in Thailand, could not go to work. The route took him to the area of ​​the new construction site. From there came a low, plaintive screech.

The sound came from a small drain filled with muddy water. Shuracet accidentally looked out and noticed strange animals splashing in the dirty water.

Then the boy climbed through the hatch and took out five puppies. The animals were later found to be ordinary puppies. But they were so covered in mud that they looked like living figures who could hardly move.

As she scrubbed the thick mud off the puppies, Shuracet began to wonder why they were there. The children were still growing, but given all the fuss they were causing, it couldn’t be ruled out that they were babies.

The female giving birth may have specifically sought a secluded spot and built a den, not knowing that the mud from the well would overflow with the onset of the monsoon. By the way, there were no signs of her presence, no signs that their mother was anywhere nearby, it was clear the puppies were hungry. Maybe the dog thought they died in a landslide and decided to abandon the puppies. The boy saved them.

When the puppies were bathed they became soft and cute and when they were fed they started playing. At that moment the whole family learned of our hero’s discovery and many people began to take care of the puppy. A family reunion took place in the evening and it was decided that all the puppies would stay at Shuracet’s house for good luck!

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