Mother duck takes the ducklings to visit the same nursing home every year

Humans are used to reading about cute cats and dogs doing amazing things for their owners.

Whether it’s rescuing them from a fire or traveling long distances to visit their owners, we expect these things from cats and dogs.

But what about other animals? There seems to be a growing awareness that other animals are just as incredible in their grit and intelligence.

A mother duck has been acting strange recently.
Every year, a mother duck brings her flock of ducklings to exactly the same place.

A nursing home in upstate New York has gotten used to the cute critters who come to visit her every year!

The house also has a little tradition that it associates with the arrival of ducklings.

Every year, when Mother Duck arrives, she walks down the main corridor of the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center.

Even more absurd, all of the current residents come out of their rooms to cheer on the little guys who run through the building!

After reporting on their Facebook page, the house saw the fame of the mother duck.

This little event has caught the attention of everyone who loves cute things. Their Facebook page posted.

Every year mom follows the same path. The facility’s service personnel — one of whom said:

“She trained us — she has an old cue for gently guiding her and her babies, in case they seem about to get distracted. They walk towards the light from an open door at the end of the corridor.’

The crazy thing is that the duck is so comfortable walking inside a building with other people.

The whole building is involved in helping ducks travel.

Each year, when staff and residents arrive, they put up signs to accompany the family along the way.

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