A unique bond between two animal species, a little guinea pig and a dog – they are so cute

There are many fairy tales about human-animal relationships. It is especially interesting when this connection develops between two different species. The stronger their differences, the more unique their bond.

There is a special relationship between a Golden Retriever and an adorable guinea pig. Good Polly and the brave Flute are the protagonists of our story. Flute is very happy and gets along with people, while the retrievers are nice and calm, despite their difference.

Little Fleuta follows his furry companion wherever he goes. In many ways, it’s like his shadow. If Polly is there, Fleta will be there too. Fleta and Polly are in the carriage. However, the cute dog seems unflappable. A unique bond between two animal species, a small guinea pig and a dog.

Polly is something of a flute keeper. But rest is the cute guinea pig’s favorite pastime. She loves to snuggle under her long, soft fur, using it as a pillow.

With over 70,000 Instagram followers, this unique couple has captured the attention of her followers. It’s a perfect illustration of how different animals are able to communicate with each other.

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