A talented nine-year-old boy sells his animal drawings and raises money for

He can simply be called a hero.

A Russian boy, 9-year-old Vladimir, has decided to start helping a dog shelter.

It takes at least 45 pounds of oats and the equivalent of meat (about 100) per day to feed all animals. How can this young man help the volunteer?

The child has a talent for drawing and may even sell his works to earn money for new gadgets such as phones and toys. Instead, Vladimir volunteers at the shelter in exchange for pet food and medicine. He wanted to help them in some way and take care of them. Vladimir paints unique pictures of animals based on information and images provided by the pet’s owner.

Unexpectedly, there have been requests from people other than just animal lovers. Order processing is currently so overloaded that new orders are temporarily unavailable. For the last 40 jobs, the young man bought £1,100 worth of food, supplies and veterinary medicines.

Without receiving government support, generating significant income, receiving media attention, having offices and a large workforce.

With the ability and perseverance of a humble and caring person, one can find a way to make the world a better place.

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