A 65-year-old woman gave birth to quadruplets. How was their life after 3 years?

Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon for women to give birth to children after the age of 40. For some, this is the right time, because she managed to build a successful career, earn money for her children’s future. And someone all these years unsuccessfully tried to have a child, and only now luck smiled.

The heroine of our today’s article, German Annegret Raunig, became a mother at the age of 65, despite the fact that she has already raised 13 of her own children and managed to breastfeed 7 grandchildren.

You ask, what prompted a woman at that age to give birth? The fact is that Annegret loves children very much and she has decided that she is ready for another child. Also, the youngest daughter, who is 10 years old, has long wanted a little brother or sister.

Of course, the doctors told the woman about all sorts of risks, but nevertheless, she decided to resort to IVF. And already fate decreed in such a way that four children were born in the family at once.

Annegret worked as a teacher and raised all her children by herself. And after the birth of the quadruple, she got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Now the life of this large family is very busy. As soon as the little ones were born, they all moved from Berlin to Herster’s big house.

In addition to him, the authorities awarded Annegret two awards, and the woman herself, they say, entered into an agreement with one of the TV channels, which received the rights to broadcast the life of the Raunig family.

Annegret Raunig is not at all worried about her future and is absolutely sure that she will be able to stay absolutely healthy for a long, long time. As the teacher herself admitted, she made such a decision, relying solely on her own desires and aspirations and not relying more than necessary on the wishes of others.

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